Good to Grow Developmental Play Group

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Good to Grow is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary (occupational, physical, and speech therapy) program designed for children from 18 to 36 months of age who are demonstrating mild to moderate delays in development with a sensory and/or motor-based origin, difficulties in social-emotional and communication skills, or are at risk for or have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

It is a semi-structured, but flexible preschool-like environment for up to 10 children per group. Good to Grow is based upon the SCERTS model: Social Communication (SC), Emotional Regulation (ER), and Transactional Support (TS). This model is designed to enhance the social, emotional, and communication abilities of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Natural routines across home, school, and community environments provide the contexts for increasing competence and active participation in daily experiences. Parents receive education through participation in the program one day per week and through the weekly parent meeting.

Additional Information

Kids Connection: Social Skills Training Group

Social skills intervention is provided in a small group format led by occupational, physical, or speech therapists. Each child MUST be evaluated prior to participating in a group (either private pay or authorized by regional center). This 14-week program involves social skills training. It includes a mandatory parent education portion of 15 minutes each session as well as weekly homework assignments. Please call for available openings.

Ages: 3 to 8 years
Funded by private pay or regional center

Ready, Set, Grow – Karate

This ongoing program children’s martial arts program helps your child grow mentally and physically! Children love to learn when they are having fun. This program will help improve confidence, increase concentration, develop coordination, build self-esteem, learn self-protection, and increase awareness. It is also a great way to make new friends!

Ages: Beginners ages 4 years-old & up

Feeding Programs

When indicated, feeding intervention may be provided in an individual or group format. Feeding intervention programs are led by an occupational therapist trained in feeding, eating, and swallowing. In addition, collaboration with a speech therapist and/or dietician may be incorporated depending upon the specific needs of the child. The group format utilizes opportunities for social integration and peer modeling to facilitate a positive mealtime experience. Both individual and group programs emphasize the acquisition of oral sensory and oral motor skills and address behavioral feeding issues while providing family education and support for effective carry over at home. Currently, the Yummy Tummies program focuses on the feeding aversion for two and three year-olds. The Breakfast Club focuses on oral-motor skill development for two and two and a half year-olds, and The Food Network focuses on oral motor and feeding aversions for four to six year-olds. Sessions are ongoing throughout the year. Funding is available for most of our programs.

Age of Members: Birth to 16 years

General Assessment Description

Team Feeding Assessment: A comprehensive team feeding assessment includes as interdisciplinary team of specialists (occupational therapist, dietician, and community-based pediatrician) in order to address the multiple factors involved with eating. This approach allows for increased professional collaboration in order to assess how a child’s medical, developmental, behavioral, oral sensory, oral motor, and nutritional status impact the child’s participation in mealtime.

Individual Feeding Assessment: If a comprehensive team approach is not indicated, an evaluation may be conducted by an occupational therapist to address specific oral sensory, oral motor, or behavioral issues or by a dietician when there are only nutrition concerns.